Yemeni Coffee: the tale of revolutionary coffee

Coffee is a culture with several traditions and values of its own. What separates one green bean from another is where it is planted, how it is fostered and lastly, how it is roasted. Centuries have passed since the habit of drinking coffee was created and we’ve come a long way from how Sufi monks used to enjoy the drink.

That is why we’re traveling back to a crucial point in the history of coffee: Yemen, with the help of Qima Coffee. To explore the farms of Yemeni farmers who’ve been producing greatness for many years. Coffee cultivated from the hands of these true experts will carry you through the centuries this taste has survived.

Qima Coffee is working on bringing back the spotlight on the hard-work and raw talent of Yemeni farmers, while exploring genetics and the diverse cupping profile of these beans. Not only that, they’re working with farmers directly to show the world their story.

Yahya Lahaba, a coffee farmer under Qima Coffee, talks about how he is currently taking care of coffee farms that have been in his family for ten generations. He practices the same methods he learned from his mother who learned from family members who were there before. He pushed through the hardest of times and is here today, taking part in the Yemeni coffee revolution.

These bags of excellence are sold in multiple parts across the world and exclusively at Earth Roastery in Kuwait.

Grab a bag of Qima Coffee from our flagship store and taste the revolution.